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Crossroads - A journey from Strauss to Szymanowski


A journey from Strauss to Szymanowski


This programme represents a journey of evolution from the late romantic to early modern style at the turn of the 20th century. These pieces sit at the stylistic crossroad between traditional tonality and form and a more mystical form of expression.

The common thread among the works is their emotive power that transcends style and form, creating an emotionally intense portrait of this epoch in music history.


CD Cover - Crossroads - Yuuki Wong & Elizavetha Touliankina - Strauss, Chausson, Messiaen, Szymanowski
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''...Messiaen’s ‘Thème et variations’ is about things that can hardly be touched. One hears it, one sees it, but if one tries to get hold of it, it’s gone as if it is all imaginary. Here lies, as far as I’m concerned, the strength of this duo: They play like it is made for them exclusively. They not only see or hear it, they also seem to be the only ones that can get hold of it and are able to transpose it to the listener and as such with delicate power and in a soaring way.''

Adrian Quanjer,


"Wong’s technical prowess is beyond doubt, too, and there’s something refreshing about his tone, which is honest, straightforward and vibrato-light“

The Strad Magazine


„…(was) Duo Yuuki Wong & Elizavetha Touliankina an Stil, Dramatik und Atmosphäre erteilt, ist atemberaubend. Vor allem der leuchtende Ton von Wong hat es mir sofort angetan. Er hat in den USA, Wien und der Schweiz studiert und das ist auch zu hören. Von diesen Musikzentren hat er das Beste kondensiert und zu einem eigenen unverwechselbaren Klangcharakter destilliert.“

Dr. Ingobert Waltenberger, Der Neue Merker


"Rasant und energetisch aufspielen, sich alle vertrackten virtuosen Herausforderungen einverleiben - das ist auf jeden Fall das Lieblingsmetier dieses jungen, in Lausanne ansässigen Duos.“

9/10 Künstlerische Qualität, Klassik-Heute


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